Wellness Extras

Improve your experience with massage extras like cupping, reflexology, aromatherapy, halotherapy, salt, and sugar scrubs. You can book an infrared sauna or sound table session before or after a massage session. 


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Rejuvenating Aromatherapy

Try aromatheraphy for an extra dose of goodness that fills your senses with well-being. Some of the many health benefits of essential oil diffusion and topical applications include the ability to improve mood, reduce pain and promote a restful night’s sleep. 

Aromatherapy options vary by season.

Add Aromatherapy on to your massage for just $10.

Renewing Sugar Scrub

An exfoliating sugar scrub can smooth your skin, improve circulation, enrich your muscles with healing oxygen, and move toxins out of your body. If you want to freshen up afterward, take advantage of Thrive’s soothing showers. Add sugar scrub with hot towels to massage for just $10.


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