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The Amazing Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy

Inside an Infrared Sauna with Temperature gauge

When it comes to total body wellness, Thrive Massage & Wellness offers a cutting edge technology previously unavailable at any spa in Columbus. Full spectrum Infrared Light Therapy, has been tested AND proven to detoxify the body, provide pain relief, aid in weight loss, improve heart health, purify the skin, and provide relaxation and stress relief. No wonder it’s touted by doctors, health experts and wellness celebrities alike.

What is infrared light therapy?

Unlike hot rock or steam saunas, Infrared Light spas gently heat the body from within, instead of heating the air around you. This raises your core body temperature, providing a catalyst for detoxification and healing. And good news – infrared light contains only natural and safe electromagnetic heat waves like those from the sun: damaging ultraviolet rays are nowhere in sight.

Full Spectrum Infrared Light Therapy, the only kind offered at Thrive, delivers a myriad of physical, mental and emotional benefits, depending on the wave length used.

Anti-Aging Near Infrared Light Therapy (NIR)

NIR penetrates the skin’s surface using the shortest infrared wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum. Scientific research shows that NIR promotes skin renewal, cell health and wound healing. In other words — your skin will glow with the look of youth and vitality! How cool is that?

Anti-Inflammatory Mid Infrared Light Therapy (MIR)

MIR wavelengths penetrate the soft tissue where inflammation occurs. As a result, blood vessels are expanded and circulation is increased. When more oxygen reaches the injured areas of your body, pain is reduced and healing is faster.

Burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes! When used in combination with far infrared waves, MIR effectively stimulates the cardiovascular system and raises body temperature. As the body works to cool itself, heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase like during exercise Bam! You’re burning calories while sitting in  a spa!

Detoxifying Far Infrared Light Therapy (FIR)

The most effective infrared spas use large carbon panels to evenly distribute FIR heat at a relatively low, constant temperature. The heat reaches deep into your body, pulling up the toxins stored there and releasing them through your sweat. What results is optimal conditions for detoxification, blood pressure reduction, and relief from chronic illness. Because this process has been clinically shown to raise core body temperature nearly 3 degrees, you benefit from:

  • A truly detoxifying sweat
  • Lowered systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • Potential weight loss through waistline reduction

Can’t wait? Neither can we! Bring a friend (it only costs $10 to add an extra person) and get an edge up on your wellness goals today.

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About the Author

Codi Barnhouse, Licensed Massage Therapist

Codi Barnhouse is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) at Thrive Massage and Wellness Her passion in helping others led her to massage therapy. Codi holds an Advanced Certification in TMJ massage.

Her goal is to help provide you with pain relief, relax your muscles, and help you lead a more thriving life.

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