Infrared Light Therapy

Find the Sunny Side of Life

 When you feel better, you live better. The magic of an infrared sauna can help you live life to the fullest.

Thrive Massage & Wellness is the ONLY spa in Columbus that features saunas enhanced by full-spectrum infrared light therapy.

What is Infrared Light Therapy?

Infrared light is the healthy, healing rays that come from the sun. It’s the safe, gentle, and invisible light that penetrates human tissues with soothing natural warmth and no harmful rays.

Infrared light therapy promotes detoxification, relaxation, circulation, sleep, weight loss, immunity, anti-aging, and more. Unlike hot rocks or steam used in traditional saunas, infrared light heats the body directly instead of simply heating the air.

Why is it Healthy to Sweat?

Sweating is a safe and natural way to heal your body and maintain overall good health. It makes your skin glow, regulates your body temperature, and helps to flush out toxins and heavy metals.

Sweat it Out with Our Sunlighten™ Saunas

Thrive Massage & Wellness is proud to offer three Sunlighten™ saunas that can serve up to three guests. They are clinically proven to raise your core body temperature, which unleashes the most benefits to our health.

Each infrared sauna is crafted with premium, hand-selected wood, flawless construction, and a patented heating technology that delivers the highest quality and quantity of infrared energy for clinically proven health benefits.

We offer all the comforts of home before and after your infrared sauna experience. This includes a plush robe, a refreshing shower, your favorite music (or blissful silence if you prefer), and lots of water to rehydrate.

As part of your path to wellness, infrared saunas sessions leave you feeling refreshed and less stressed. Package it with a massage for optimum relaxation!

Our Packages

In addition to single session sauna visits, we also offer packages with special pricing that help you experience the benefits of our saunas more often and with more savings.

Choose an infrared sauna package that’s right for you.

  • Weekly pass $90 (up to an hour a day)
  • Monthly pass $300 (up to an hour a day)
  • Six visits $200
  • 12 visits $360
  • A massage add-on $30
  • Double occupancy + $10 

Ready to find the sunny side of life? Contact us to schedule your infrared sauna session today.

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Our saunas work with infrared light, the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum that has the ability to penetrate human tissue with soothing, natural warmth and no harmful rays.

Our saunas are private pristine retreats where you can bliss out in silence, or listen to your favorite music.

Thrive is the only spa with in Columbus enhanced by full-spectrum infrared light therapy. Watch the video below for more information on infrared light therapy and Sunlighten™ saunas. We call our community the Thrive Tribe.

Please join us.

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