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Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna: Get the Healing Power of the Sun

View of the sun with lens flare


When it’s summer time, you can take a walk in the sunlight and feel like your body is being rejuvenated.  You may not know it, but that sense of well-being comes from infrared heat.

Infrared comes from the sun but unlike the burning rays – UVA and UVB – it doesn’t cause burning.  You literally feel better when infrared radiation touches your body it doesn’t heat the air so the cabin temperature is comfortable, it heats the objects it touches, including you, and causes an instant feeling of relaxation and peace.

Infrared radiation doesn’t transfer heat the same way that your furnace does.  Because it only works on objects infrared distributes warmth by radiating it more evenly and is much more efficient in doing so.  It takes much less energy to work.

It doesn’t need the “a-to-b-to c” of first heating air, which then warms up everything it touches in an area – like rooms in a house, people or other objects.  But it’s more than efficient, and it also has multiple benefits.

Pain Relief and Healing

Infrared is effective at relieving pain.  It is quicker than and superior to traditional heating pads, hot water baths and even chemically induced “heat” from rubs and lotions.  Because Infrared is a more focused, direct and efficient, most people who have tried conventional heat rate is as more effective for pain relief.

It’s also more comfortable.  Most other methods of dealing with pain, including traditional saunas, require being in an ultra-hot environment or having a limited period of use before the heating element cools.

Many elite athletes and Hollywood action heroes use infrared treatments to relieve aches, pains, and strains.  Infrared is also known for speeding healing because it increases blood circulation.  Infrared literally makes the blood more viscous – it flows quicker and more efficiently.

Better circulation shortens recovery time and healing.  Infrared has been shown to make wounds heal faster and reduce treatment time for muscle strains and even tears in the tissue.

Infrared Saunas

Full-spectrum infrared saunas produce the same kind of radiant waves as the sun.  Users experience cellular level changes including natural detoxification, pain relief, enhanced healing and more.

The radiant heat has positive results for pain relief of arthritis and other joint and muscle problems.  It has also been used for relief of the issues of long-term diseases by increasing blood circulation.  There are documented reports that radiant heat therapy benefits people with cardiac problems, stress and anxiety reduction, and even provides cellulite and skin improvement,

The term “sweat your way to health” is an apt description of the benefits.  Many people feel that the lack of intense and uncomfortable heat also produces better results.   There is universal agreement that using a full-spectrum infrared sauna helps mental focus and creates a high level of relaxation.

At Thrive Massage and Wellness, we offer appointments for individual Sunlighten full-spectrum infrared saunas and even sauna and massage packages that combine the benefits of both therapies.  We see the benefits our clients receive every day and believe in the therapeutic results radiant infrared delivers.

About the Author

Codi Barnhouse, Licensed Massage Therapist

Codi Barnhouse is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) at Thrive Massage and Wellness Her passion in helping others led her to massage therapy. Codi holds an Advanced Certification in TMJ massage.

Her goal is to help provide you with pain relief, relax your muscles, and help you lead a more thriving life.

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