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How Infrared Sauna and Massage Can Help With Weight Loss

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With the New Year comes a new you, a time to start fresh and become a better, healthier you. Weight loss is the biggest New Year’s Resolution and for good reason, over 40% of adults and 20% of kids are obese in America, according to a recent article from NBC News. This is a staggering number that continues to climb.

We all know how to be healthy but weight loss can be intimidating. Let’s start by looking at the reasons why you might want to lose weight – and, of course, KEEP IT OFF – forever.

Why Should You Lose Weight

  • Feel Better – The primary reason for losing weight is that we want to feel better. Yes, looking better is also important and that can be a wonderful motivator. But even that comes in second to feeling better.
  • More Energy – We also want more energy so we can be more active and participate fully in all the activities in which we want to enjoy.
  • Fewer Health Issues – We want better health but to enjoy a long and productive life without major issues.

Essentially, what we want is a healthier, happier lifestyle. So why not commit to that? We don’t commit to that wonderful life because we know that “doing the right things” can be difficult, stressful, boring and even painful.

If you choose to go on the journey to a more ideal weight, the question is – How can we help you?

Infrared Treatments Burn Calories

First, we offer infrared sauna therapy which warms up muscles, reduces aches and pains and aids in removing toxins. It also has a direct effect – because it increases your metabolism, which means that you can lose up to 600 calories in a single infrared session. When you’re out to lose weight, this is a great aid to jump start your effort.

If you have had experience with weight loss in the past, you are well aware that losing weight is one thing, KEEPING it off is where things get tough.

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Massage for Body Health Maintenance

While infrared sauna sessions provide direct results, massage and infrared alone can’t make the weight go away. Regular massages CAN be a significant factor supplementing weight loss and more importantly, it can help with MANAGING WEIGHT over time.

Regular massage will:

  1. Replace the need to eat to “feel better” with the great feeling that comes with body health. Eating, bingeing and other food usages may be a form of self-medication, but massage can replace those urges by providing a different – and better – way to “feel better.”
  2. Support your attitude – instead of self-defeating feelings of low self-esteem, you can have the positive feelings of “I care for myself” because you actually are doing something good for yourself and your body, and your mind will show its appreciation. Raising your self esteem is a huge factor to keep you moving and on your path to weight loss.
  3. Make it easier to exercise – One of the most important keys to weight loss and maintenance is regular exercise, which becomes easier when your muscles are tuned up. Lowering the bars to exercise will make it less of a shock to your body and support your mental preparation too.
  4. Reduce any chronic pain issues – Deep tissue and other massage techniques will help to lessen those aches and pains that discourage exercise. Instead of a negative cycle of “work out and hurt” lowering pain levels creates a new positive sensation of “working out makes me feel better.” Post workout massage also helps to prevent pain from interfering with your mental condition – lessening anxiety and fear. In general, massage will lower the need for pain medications which can – and do – contribute to weight problems.
  5. Help to lessen lymphatic swelling – again, this does NOT automatically lower weight, but it DOES help with mobility in general and exercise in particular.

 If you commit to working on having a healthier lifestyle overall, we’re here to help in many ways.

  • Infrared sauna helps sweat out calories AND reduce waste build-ups
  • Regular massage can help with attitude and set you up for exercise
  • Essential oil programs can also help with attitude, exercise, and recovery

For more information about getting a massage in Columbus or an infrared treatment, visit some of our service pages and book line at https://thrivemassageandwellness.com. If you’re more comfortable booking over the phone, call us at 614-473-1000 to speak with one of our friendly Thrive Tribe staff members.

About the Author

Codi Barnhouse, Licensed Massage Therapist

Codi Barnhouse is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) at Thrive Massage and Wellness Her passion in helping others led her to massage therapy. Codi holds an Advanced Certification in TMJ massage.

Her goal is to help provide you with pain relief, relax your muscles, and help you lead a more thriving life.

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