Meditation can be a major contributor to your overall, whole life, wellness. It has been proven to have a major and positive effect on your physical, mental and emotional health.

Meditating correctly helps to generate a number of chemicals and hormones that can contribute to your overall wellness by significantly improving your physical and mental condition.

Meditation – An Acquired Talent

Meditation is really a learned behavior, it doesn’t necessarily come easily… to a lot of people.

The practice of meditating can be considered a science or an art or both.  However it works, it requires focus, preparation, and practice.  Like any skill, it becomes easier and more pleasant the more you do it.

Planning your Schedule

Mediation requires preparation just as exercise does.

  1. First, plan specific days and times for sessions and make them mandatory – even up to the point of using an alarm to give you a heads up on starting and stopping
  2. Some people do better alone, others like to be in a group setting.
  3. Find what works for you –AND, keep your time commitments.

How and Where to Meditate

Candles, incense, essential oils, and music are very useful if they help you concentrate.

How does meditation help you?

You have probably heard that meditation produces positive mental and physical results.  Studies have proven that to be entirely true.  The results are improvements in how you think and feel – a better outlook and lower levels of depression, anxiety, chronic pain and chronic illness. There is power in meditation to transform the quality of your life.

These substances include

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