Things to Do and See in Columbus OH

Columbus OH is one of the most beautiful states in America, and one of the most visited because of its reputation for hospitality and its wealth of great things to do and see. When it comes to state tourism, Columbus OH Division of Travel and Tourism knows how to promote its attractions.

On particular  that draws people to Columbus OH could be the city’s sports activities teams. Millions of men and women come to Columbus every year to determine the Ohio’s Express Buckeye football and baseball games in the heart of downtown. Columbus also includes a soccer team plus a baseball team. Numerous in the sporting activities teams’ venues also serve as settings for numerous concerts. Concerts are also support in venues for instance Germain Amphitheater, Nationwide Arena, Veterans Memorial Auditorium, along with the Newport Music Hall. Columbus can be host to several cultural and theatrical performances.

For those interested in educational experiences, Columbus OH also has a number of museums, historical locations, along with a country class zoo. A science centre and art museum can each be discovered in downtown along with a full size replica of the Santa Maria. One on the ships Christopher Columbus utilized when sailing to America. The ship rests on the shore in the Columbus Ohio River in downtown Columbus and is considered to become the most authentic replica of the ship during the world.

Columbus OH state tourism attracts travelers and visitors from around the country hoping to enjoy some of her best entertainments, from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to one of the oldest functioning amusement parks in the country at Cedar Point. The state also boasts over nine thousand square miles of forested land and over 44,000 miles of rivers and streams, offering outdoor adventurers plenty of hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking and backpacking excursions year round. The Columbus OH state tourism board invites you to come visit and see for yourself the wonderful opportunities that the state has to offer, whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple or with a family (and your dog).

Visitors to Columbus OH can stay in one of her more populated cities, like Cincinnati, Columbus or Cleveland, or find some elbow room in thousands of smaller cities and towns that offer down-home charm, lodging, and cooking. Whether visitors are in the mood for gourmet dining or Hungarian hot dogs, we’ve got it. From the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati to the rustic campgrounds in the Wayne National Forest, natives and visitors can expect, and receive, only the best from the great state of Ohio.