Thrive Massage and Wellness’ Brief History of Columbus, Ohio

Columbus city is the capital of Ohio. The area today of Columbus is said to have been colonized by the French, and it was under the French colonial empire the city is believed was under the Ohio country. The name Columbus is traced back to a famous man the navigator Christopher Columbus, and it is said he was the one who discovered the city.

The European traders well knew the city for its fur trade. In the 18th century, much European came to the city for the fur trade. The city was frequently found in conflicts because many people had an interest in it, for example, the Americans, Indians and also the French people. In the 1740s the Pennsylvania traders who had captured the city overruled it and controlled the trade until when the French people forcibly over threw them. Between 1754 and 1763 there was a war of seven years between the French people and the Indians who wanted to control the city. During this period there was turmoil, battles and many people died. It is because of this a treaty of peace was signed in 1763 to end the war. This treaty was referred as the Treaty of Paris that made Ohio to be under the rule of the British empire.

After the end of the American war of the revolution, Ohio achieved its statehood in 1803. The political leaders by then led their state to move the capital city from where it was situated earlier that is from Chillicothe to Zanesville. But this agreement by the political leaders was not accepted. The state legislature by then decided that the capital city for their state was very important and it needed to be decided very well. To them, they argued that the capital city was supposed to be at the center of their state.

It is this argument that the legislature decided that Columbus be the capital city of their state. Choosing of the capital city was not an easy thing, Columbus city was faced with competition from other cities like Franklinton, Worthington, Dublin among others. Before being chosen by the legislature, the city of Columbus Ohio never existed. It was named to honor the great Christopher Columbus. To be specific the capital city, i.e., Columbus was officially founded in 1812. At this time the area was a forest, and it was for hunting activities alone.

After the selection of the city, major development started to improve. In 1831 the national road had reached Columbus Ohio city from Baltimore which helped in linking Ohio and Erie Canal, and this linking between the two cities led to population increase in the area. With the increase of the population, Columbus was chartered full as a town in 1834.