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Look around your office.  Are people hunched over keyboards, pinning phones to their ears with shoulders, pounding back cup after cup of coffee? How many times this week have you eaten lunch at your desk? How many meetings have you attended today, and how many of them seemed to be full of uninspired ideas everyone has heard a thousand times?  How many times this week have you worried about deadlines, or told someone they haven’t met theirs? When was the last time you took a moment to simply stand up, stretch, and move your body?  When was the last time you did something that made you feel good?

Stress alone is costing US employers an estimated $300 billion annually.  Stress causes absenteeism, accidents, lower productivity, and can directly cost you money with legal, medical, and insurance costs.  Stress has been linked to headaches, sleeplessness, and fatigue, not things you want associated with your workplace.  Wellness is something frequently overlooked in a corporate environment, but it can make such a difference.  Want to increase productivity, decrease sick days, and have a happier, healthier staff?  It’s easier than you think.

Massage can do a lot to help manage stress.  Taking the time to relax your mind while someone helps you relax your body is, of course, a big part of it, but studies show that massage can lower cortisol, a hormone directly linked to stress.  High levels of cortisol have been linked to a suppressed immune system and high blood pressure, among other things.  Even a 15-minute chair massage can help lower your cortisol levels and alleviate stress symptoms.  Studies show that even a few weeks of offering chair massage in an office can do a world of good, including increasing alertness and job performance, as well reducing complaints of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Massage can improve productivity.

There are more than two decades of research on the effects of massage on brainpower and productivity, and they all say the same thing: adding massage benefits employee and company alike.  Massage can relive both stress and physical discomforts associated with corporate positions, increasing focus.  That increased focus translates to better work done in less time.

With that increased focus comes a higher level of creativity for many, as well.  Being relaxed and able to take a moment to not worry about ringing phones, computer screens, or when a report is due can give people a chance to come up with creative and unique ideas and solutions.  Your employee who just got a chair massage may come to their next meeting full of fantastic ideas.  Your manager who spent an hour at THRiVE Massage and Wellness last night may come in tomorrow with a creative solution to that problem you’ve been dealing with.

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Massage can boost your immune system.

A growing body of research shows that massage can do more than just easing stress, pain and muscle tension (as if that weren’t enough!).  It can actually increase the activity of your body’s white blood cells, making it easier to fight off things like that nasty cold that keeps circling around the office, taking everyone out for days at a time.  Massage can also help ease anxiety, joint pain, fibromyalgia symptoms, and lower back pain.  After hours and hours in a chair at a desk, this is something many employees struggle with, and it can cost employers a lot in both money and time.

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Massage can improve sleep quality.

No more tossing and turning, then dragging yourself to work the next day, feeling like you’ve hardly rested at all.  Studies show that massage can help you spend more time in deep sleep, the restorative part of the sleep cycle.  End your day with a massage, and you’ll be well on your way to a relaxed, rested, and refreshed you for tomorrow, ready to take on a full, busy day of meetings, or that big presentation you’ve been working on.

How can you bring massage in to your corporate structure?

There are a variety of options.  Many offices offer chair massage weekly or every other week on site, with one or two therapists on hand to work with your employees in 15 or 30-mintue sessions to help them relax, revive, and reduce stress.  This option is great for large offices, as employees can work a massage into their day easily, and it is very affordable for the company.  Another way is to offer a membership to a local wellness center, like THRiVE Massage and Wellness in Columbus, Ohio.  Sending your corporate members to a Zen space to experience relaxation on their own time can be deeply rewarding for everyone.  While this option is more expensive, THRiVE offers flexible payment systems, including member rates for their corporate partners and split billing options.

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Sending your staff into a wellness center like THRiVE has other benefits too.

THRiVE, for example, has infrared saunas available to their clients.  Infrared saunas heat the core of the body, reducing inflammation, relaxing muscles, and increasing circulation.  While beneficial all on their own, infrared saunas are even better when paired with massage.  Not only does it offer quiet time to meditate and relax the mind, but it prepares the body for maximum benefit from massage.

Local businesses like THRiVE in Columbus, Ohio are the perfect partner for a corporate office.  They’re able to be flexible and help you find the perfect plan to offer wellness to your employees.  THRiVE even offers private events at the spa with massage, saunas and other wellness extras.  An event like this would be the perfect reward for your team after they land that big contract, or finish the hard push for an important deadline.

Now, look around your office again.  Picture a rested, happy, energized workforce, ready to come together and create amazing things for your company.  Picture healthy employees who come to work with fresh ideas and smiling faces.  Isn’t that a better image than before?  Of course it is!  And getting there is so simple.  Find your local wellness center, like THRiVE, give them a call, and take the first steps down the path to total corporate wellness today.

THRiVE Massage and Wellness is located in Columbus, Ohio.

They’re open 7 days a week and can be reached at 614.473.1000 or through their website, www.thrivemassageandwellness.com.  If you’re not local to Central Ohio, look for your local wellness center with Licensed Massage Therapists on staff, and see what plans they offer for corporate partners.

About the Author

Codi Barnhouse, Licensed Massage Therapist

Codi Barnhouse is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) at Thrive Massage and Wellness Her passion in helping others led her to massage therapy. Codi holds an Advanced Certification in TMJ massage.

Her goal is to help provide you with pain relief, relax your muscles, and help you lead a more thriving life.

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