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Massage is Perfect for Summer



Summer is upon us, and while you’re out and about, soaking up some sun and enjoying the weather, along with all those fun summer activities, you’re probably thinking, why would I need a massage?  Summer is the perfect time for massage!  With all the hustle and bustle of summer, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself, but massage is just what you need.  Why?

Summer means increased activity.

Whether you’re out in the garden and working on the lawn, or involved in summer sports, most people are more physically active in the summer.  You’ve probably noticed that you’re starting to feel the soreness that comes with your busy summer full of fun.  Massage can aid with recovery and help you perform at your best, as well as help prevent future injuries.  Shin splints, lower back pain and tennis elbow are all common complaints over the summer months, and THRiVE’s skilled therapists are here to for you.

Heat and humidity lead to swelling.

Summer heat can cause swelling in joints and feet, which leads to a lot of discomfort.  An Infrared Sauna session can really help reduce this inflammation, and you can get even better results when you pair it with a massage.  The increased blood flow will move the static fluids in your joints and alleviate the swelling and increase mobility.

You need some Zen.

Summer is busy, and after a while, all that summer fun takes it’s toll on your mind.  Take some time to visit THRiVE’s Zen Zone and relax your mind, body, and spirit.  Everyone needs some quiet, even in the hustle and bustle of summer.  Schedule a Reiki session with Reiki Master Suzy McFarland, or check out one of our special events and classes.  You need “me” time, take it.

Long summer days disrupt sleep.

While spectacular, those early sunrises and late sunsets can confuse your body about when you’re ready to sleep, and how much rest you’re getting.  Between the long, bright days and the busy schedules, it can be hard to get a solid night’s sleep on a regular basis.  Massage can help calm the mind and stimulate sleep hormones that help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

THRiVE is here for you.

Set up your feet for summer sandals with a lovely scrub, or recover from a busy weekend of summer fun with a sauna and massage.  Renew and protect your face with a facial from His and Her Oasis.   We’re open 7 days a week to offer you all the benefits of massage, infrared saunas, skin care and more.

About the Author

Codi Barnhouse, Licensed Massage Therapist

Codi Barnhouse is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) at Thrive Massage and Wellness Her passion in helping others led her to massage therapy. Codi holds an Advanced Certification in TMJ massage.

Her goal is to help provide you with pain relief, relax your muscles, and help you lead a more thriving life.

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